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Callie Blue by ItsmeAlicetheangel Callie Blue :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 0 Blue Ocean by ItsmeAlicetheangel Blue Ocean :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 0 Doggy auction by ItsmeAlicetheangel Doggy auction :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 1 Theater Foxy by ItsmeAlicetheangel Theater Foxy :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 0 Theater Freddy by ItsmeAlicetheangel Theater Freddy :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 3 0 Maylorra by ItsmeAlicetheangel Maylorra :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Theater Baby by ItsmeAlicetheangel Theater Baby :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 0 Roxy by ItsmeAlicetheangel Roxy :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 0 Ballora Fnaf SL by ItsmeAlicetheangel Ballora Fnaf SL :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Olivia by ItsmeAlicetheangel Olivia :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Frisk by ItsmeAlicetheangel Frisk :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Chara by ItsmeAlicetheangel Chara :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Muffet by ItsmeAlicetheangel Muffet :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Harley by ItsmeAlicetheangel Harley :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Lyta ( daughter nature) by ItsmeAlicetheangel Lyta ( daughter nature) :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 0 0 Lalani in and as fairy outfit by ItsmeAlicetheangel Lalani in and as fairy outfit :iconitsmealicetheangel:ItsmeAlicetheangel 1 0


Tokyo Mew Mew character creator by Hapuriainen Tokyo Mew Mew character creator :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 2,100 712 A Mad Tea Party by AbigailLarson A Mad Tea Party :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 4,222 174 A Mad Tea Party: Setting by AbigailLarson A Mad Tea Party: Setting :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 3,503 117




Callie Blue
join in with her mom as they take you through the most beautiful land ever
Blue Ocean
ride into a paradise that will never be touched by greedy humans on this mother (warning: you must get Callie also)
Doggy auction
Big Daddy: is family oriented is obedient loves children
Lisa: is always cheery loves children
Mike: more of a soldier dog but like his wife loves children
Amy: is a flying dalmation but likes children
Stealth: is a soldier dog always on the field
Water Stealth: like Stealth is always on the field
Maybelle: quiet but like children

whoever bids the highest on this page in comment go to the character and house and get the character and then get the house
Theater Foxy
the 5th and final ( maybe) animatronic if u come up with some more tell me in comments and I add them ( I had to make this because I knew u all would get mad)
Ever since I was 2 I always wanted to be an artist and be popular. Because of all u deviants u took a chance on me helped me when I messed up and u gave me my dream thank you so much.
Fnaf theory: In 5 we have that cutscene where spring trap appears and in 3 we see purple guy become spring trap.  Also bonnie in 2 is blue like bon-bon and both Freddy's have the same voice along with the sound Ballora makes and chica when near plays that exact same sound and Mangle and funtime foxy have the same colors along with that same small set of teeth so my first one is that number 2 and number 5  are the same souls. Also Ennard and Puppet have a lot of the same features because they both have 3-4 fingers and Ennard says "their is a little bit of me in every body" and he gives Michael super natural powers because Ennard goes inside of you in red ending( and black) and u don't die Puppet also floats so I think that they are Husband and wife because when Balloon boy or JJ appears we hear a crackling voice saying "don't hurt my child" and when Ennard talks he has that same crackling voice. Also I think that Mr. Afton sends Michael to piece back together the girl baby talks about she killed. My theory 2 3 and 5 all have a huge relationship but 2 and 5 have the biggest relationship ever. I hope you agree.


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fun loving caring funny I love to read books